Todd Grebe and Cold Country

     (New bio coming soon)
  Todd Grebe has long been a fixture of the acoustic music scene in his hometown of Anchorage, but has recently ventured out of Alaska’s cold country to seek his fortune on a larger scale. Both as a member of Compass recording artist, Bearfoot, and as featured vocalist and bandleader of his own group Cold Country; he is well on his way to accomplishing just that.
       In 2010, Todd moved to Nashville to further his musical career. Shortly thereafter he joined longtime friends as a full time member in the newgrass group Bearfoot, yet continued to write material in the stylistic vein of Cold County. Influenced by the musical landscape of his adoptive hometown and inspired by the many talented musicians of the area, he soon had enough material to complete another album. After recruiting Angela Oudean (fiddle), David Long (mandolin) and Mike Bub to form the nucleus of a new Cold Country band, Todd bunkered down in a Nashville studio during the winter of 2010 to record a second album.
       Co-produced by Bub, engineered by industry stalwart David Ferguson and featuring performances by renowned session drummer Larry Atamanuik and banjo master Rob McCoury, the resultant album- entitled Until Tomorrow- is an exceptional sophomore effort. Seamlessly incorporating elements of bluegrass, swing jazz, and country, Until Tomorrow is strikingly reminiscent of music made in Nashville circa 1950’s and 60’s. In fact, if the Grand Ole Opry was anything today like it was then, one might assume that Todd Grebe & Cold Country would be a weekly guest. As things stand now, though, Todd has certainly made a case for himself to be included in conversations regarding upcoming Nashville songwriters while his band, Cold Country, is poised to make their mark on an unsuspecting American roots music scene.
       For the last three years, Todd has been committed full time to the successful Americana band Bearfoot, with some career highlights being: performances at Grey Fox, La Roche Bluegrass Festival, Red Ants Pants Festival, ROMP, Shakori Hills, and more; having the #2 music video on CMT pure music video channel for 3 weeks straight; and getting to #16 on the Americana Radio Charts. As Bearfoot begins an indefinite hiatus, Todd looks forward to pursuing Cold Country as a national touring act.