Anchorage Folk Festival!

Well it's a new year, and once again Anchorage Folk Festival is upon us! A great opportunity to check out over 50 bands and acts from around the state plus two guest artists from out of state, all totally FREE. Guests artists are Front Country from CA, and Jeffery Broussard and the Creole Cowboys from LA. And we're playing too! We're opening for the guest Artist Front Country on the First Friday at 8:45pm at the UAA Wendy Williamson Auditorium. Check out the entire schedule Starting with the kick off party Wed Jan 20th at the Taproot, all the way through Sunday Jan 31st here at

Cold Country Schedule:
*Wed. Jan. 20th 8pm at Taproot AFF kickoff party featuring 4 bands
*Thrs. Jan. 21st 12-1pm "Noon Music" at UAA Student Union Cafeteria
*Fri. Jan. 22nd 8:30pm at Wendy Williamson
*Fri. Jan 22nd 10pm Spenard Roadhouse -we kickoff the Jam Session -bring your instruments! We're gonna take over. 
*Sat. Jan. 23rd 1pm "How to Craft a Fiddle Solo" Workshop at Wendy Williamson PSB building rom148
*Sat. Jan. 23rd 2:30pm "How to Craft a Bluegrass Guitar Solo" Workshop at Wendy Williamson PSB building rom148
*Sat. Jan 30th 2:30pm "Kids Jam with Dancing with the Spirit" workshop at  Wendy Williamson PSB building rom148