IBMA Success!

 Well, a week has passed since we spent a week in Raleigh NC for the World of Bluegrass IBMA conference. It was awesome! The folks in Raleigh really showed up with some bluegrass spirit. Every restaurant we went to was playing bluegrass tunes on the loudspeaker and treating us extra nice for being a part of the bluegrass fun. We had a few great showcases with a real highlight being the one at The Architect Wednesday evening. What a great venue! We were also featured on the local News 14 that airs all over North Carolina. So that was awesome. We're looking forward to getting in touch with all those promoters that came to our showcases and getting some new gigs on the calendar so we can come to your hometown! We'll keep you posted! Here's a photo from our news broadcast.

And here's a photo from the Exhibit Hall where Josh our lawyerin' banjo player was pickin' with Robert the banjoist from Brad Lee Folk's Bluegrass Playboys. Good times and great pickin' was had by all.