Winter '22/'23 Monthly Shows

Hi Friends! 

We're happy to now be mostly past Covid restrictions and back out doing our thing. We're hosting a Country Night at The Carousel Cocktail Lounge each 1st Saturday of the month from 10p-2am. They have a great dance…

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Anchorage Folk Festival!

Well it's a new year, and once again Anchorage Folk Festival is upon us! A great opportunity to check out over 50 bands and acts from around the state plus two guest artists from out of state, all totally FREE…Read more

Cold Country goes to Texas and Louisiana!

Yes it's true! We're bringing the Cold Country down South! And we're playing at some great venues. Come out and see us, and if you can't (because you live no where near there...) let your local friends know about it…Read more

Cover of PLAY

Woohoo, we made the cover! Check out the article, and come see us at one of our CD release shows this summer. See our schedule here

CD Release shows, Album Reviews, Chart Topper

Summer in Alaska has been incredible so far, and some even venture to say too hot... so hot we had to breakdown and buy a fan for our house. The album reviews have also been HOT! Hearth Music is doing…Read more