Fall Fun

I know, I said it... Fall is here. And it's gonna be a good one.

Oct. 30-31st-
And Guess What! Cold Country is going to Black Pot Fesitval and Cook Off in Lafayette, LA! It's on Halloween weekend so you have time to buy your plane tickets now. And only $20-50 to get in. You should come! We play Friday night at the Chapel. 

Oct. 2-3rd-
And we're also going to Juneau in early Oct. for an Alaska Folk Festival fundraiser, Falltober Fest. So FUN!! Several bands, cocktail bar, great dancing... i swear Juneau is the only town in AK where people know how to country dance.
Also... we'll be doing several shows around Anchorage and Girdwood on a regular basis. Catch us at the Taproot, Reilly's, Pubhouse Gastropub, Silvertip or Chair 5 this Fall!
Sept. 11th-
And if you've got a wild hair... come out to the Seaview tomorrow night in historic Hope, AK! it's the 2nd to Last weekend that it's open before it closes for the season. So come and get your halibut burger and IPA on tap and store up some calories for next summer... we're about to get into hibernation mode people.

Check out our full tour schedule Here

Hope to see you at one of these fun events!! See you around.